25 May 2015
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About MMS

Founded in 1988, Master Merchant Systems (MMS) is a global retail solutions company headquartered in Nova Scotia, Canada. MMS has over two decades experience in developing and implementing retail management solutions. Master Merchant Systems has become one of the premier RMS/POS providers for the telecommunications industry and is represented in over 40 markets globally.

MMS is achieving this success by focusing on its core mission; to “Innovate Retail”.  We are driven by this every day, continuously enhancing existing products, developing new products, partnering with other industry leaders and collaborating with our valued customers to deliver the uncompromising efficiency and innovation they’ve come to expect from MMS.

As MMS looks to the future customers, partners and prospects have a lot to be excited about. MMS is expanding its reach into Europe, South America, Africa and Asia; delivering product capabilities that are both scalable and multi-lingual but also architected to function in some of the most challenging global markets. Additionally, MMS has entered into partnerships with some of the largest companies in telecommunications; helping them deliver considerable benefit, and a better experience to their customers. MMS facilitates this through product integration, resulting in a tighter customer entanglement and increased revenue for our partners.

Here are some of the highlights that make MMS the premier choice for global carriers, billing companies, logistics providers and retailers:

  • Single-entry POS transaction reduces transaction times by up to 50% and insures integrity of data
  • Real time serialized inventory control and visibility across all branches with easy work-flows for receiving, stock transfer and ordering stock
  • MMS Promotion Management centrally controls hand-set pricing by market and by promotion, no sales representative intervention.
  • MMS is delivered on a SaaS or licensed model and has numerous deployment models: single-entity, multi-channel/multi-market, store-in-store, offline and mobile.
  • Robust reporting tools give total visibility into KPIs across all channels
  • Paperless Contracts eliminate costs of traditional paper process, reduce fraud, improve customer experience, speed up transactions and give the company instant, secure and centralized access to the contracts.
  • MMS core competency is integration; tie our product into billing, logistics or ERP for seamless flow-through of data; make better decisions, respond to business changes faster, improve your retail experience
  • 100% success rate on new implementations and integrations
  • MMS staff understand your industry and have a proven and repeatable process for delivering product into the most challenging and often unique retail environments

An MMS core value is the belief all companies strive to be great. MMS knows greatness can only be achieved through an uncompromising focus on the customer. In this spirit, MMS would love to hear about your business and the challenges you face every day. Nothing focuses the attention of MMS like an opportunity to help a company grow and achieve critical business objectives.


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